Los Angeles, Cal. Nov. 19-11.

Esteemed comrade, Vicente Nieto: GREETING.

I refer to your favor of the 13th of this month, by which I see that you have recovered from the grave illness which held you prostrated, although still feeling weak from the same; but I am thankful you are still alive and I hope that you will soon recover your health, for the welfare of the cause, because comrades like you are necessary in these tremendous struggles against opression and injustice.

I have carefully noted everything related in your appreciated letter.

The movement of Reyes is going to be favorable for our cause, since we will profit by the conditions that prevail in the country to make our movement acquire the preponderance necessary to conquer.

It would be well for  our comrades in Mexico to take up the Reyista and Vasquista cause, and when once gained, to shout: Long Live Land and Liberty!

This would be a means of strengthening the party rapidly.

I beg you will give my regards to all comrades of Group. Do not be discouraged brethern, everything is coming our way. We have only to be firm.”

Your brother in the Social Revolution.